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Planning your wedding day?  Let us bring your special moments to life with music!  Every wedding is different, and as unique as you are, so don't settle for a cookie cutter wedding band.

I'll work with you to prepare your specially songs as they are the soundtrack to your new lives together.

You can be as hands on with the music choices as you like - whether you have specific songs you want, or you can leave it all up to me to choose for you (or somewhere in between 😀)

Either way - I'll make sure that every song during your wedding moments are special and memorable for the rest of your life.

Whatever your budget, I'll customise your wedding package to perfectly meet your needs, whether it's a solo acoustic, a dynamic duo or a party band or DJ - your wedding day will be truly spectacular!

Get in touch a quote and book today!

Live Music

Whether you need a solo artist, a duo or a band, we have a core group of professional artists of the highest quality - experienced and versatile to make your wedding truly special

The Best Sound

Whether it's a small or large wedding, we will supply all the right PA and sound equipment to perfectly match your day, your venue and your party.

Your Song List

Everyone has their own musical taste, so we have a wide and varied songlist that we can tailor for you.

We'll even learn new music for your special day so it perfectly speaks to your own story.

All Day Long

Working with your schedule, Chris can arrange the music for your Ceremony, Canapes, Reception Dinner and Party Celebration, or any combination you need.

Set The Mood

The importance of good lighting is often overlooked at weddings.  Chris will make sure that the mood is set and your special moments are full of wonderful memories 

Flexible & Professional

All best laid plans will encounter variables, so we always keep a fluid and flexible approach to your day.

Whatever happens, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your wedding be a smooth ride from start to finish.

All In One

There's no need to hire a separate DJ for the day - Chris not only sings, and plays - he is also a DJ!  Integrating the DJ service through the day is a very popular option.

Get it Done

Great events are only made so by the collaboration of great vendors - Chris works with your Celebrant, MC, photographers and videographers to ensure that everything is perfect for your special day

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Perfect lakeside ceremony
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Sunset canapes by the lake
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At the Kings School Chapel
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Laura & Brody
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Love at Jaspers Berry
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